LED Downlights – An Overview of LED Lighting & Strip Lights

LED is basically an acronym for light emission diode. LED lights are one of the most popular lighting systems in the market today. Generating a high output light, LEDs are a low energy light and popularly know for their availability in different range of colors. The type of LED bulbs that are designed to illuminate everything directly below them, are what we refer to as LED downlights. They can probably be set on a roof cavity to get the best view of the ground. While on the other hand, LED strip lights are a type of lights that are made of a series of LEDs which are properly arranged into a strip and affixed to a good surface.

Preference to LED downlights and LED strip lights are given over the normal light bulbs because they are cost-effective and have a long life-span. As an alternative to light bulbs for both indoor and outdoor lighting, LED downlights from their suggestive names are just lights that face down. When used at homes or nightclubs, LED downlights can be set to different level of light from the dimmer switches attached to them. The light source of the LED downlights is described by the LED qualifier inside it. However the variety of colors in which the LED downlights are available in, the most common colors of LED downlights include warmth white or neutral white just like that of the fluorescent light.

LED downlights and LED strip lights do not produce a lot of heat like their traditional counterpart light bulbs do. Also, LED downlights and LED strip lights are mercury free, hence, they are environment friendly. It is also worth noting that LED downlights and LED strip lights do not likely burn but instead dim out. By using a LED downlights, the need for more light is exempted because right from the ceiling it can provide extensive illumination. On safety purposes, LED downlights and LED strip lights do not affect materials which surround them because they do not produce a lot of heat.

LED strip lights also come in different variable lengths and light outputs. Users can choose their preferred LED strip lights according to their use or application. Despite the concerns that LED strip lights are essential for decorative purposes, they can also provide an excellent lighting experience. LED strip lights can best be used in display cabinets to give a clear view of the items in display. LED strip lights can be used in different color configurations but they can also be used in standard white depending on the environments.

Thus, the beauty of LED strip lights is achieved by the versatility of their usage. These LED lights are an important aspect in the modern day lighting and are consequently taking over the place of the traditional fluorescent bulbs and light bulbs.

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